Saturday, November 7, 2009 6, I guess.

Again? Really?

But I was so busy crocheting this that I didn't even think about my devil.

I know, I know...another project. But I got my CrochetMe More email today...and it had designs for fingerless gloves...what's a girl to do? I got out my burnt-orangey yarn, found a pattern, modified it to fit my sister (that's why it's so small, FYI), and crocheted for a solid block of about two hours. Crochet, fix mistakes, crochet, repeat.

So that's the first fingerless glove. As far as I know, it should fit at least from the bottom to the base of her thumb - I had her try it on at a few intervals while making it - so hopefully it will be okay.

Also, I used this pattern on CrochetMe and altered it a bit to make it work. For example...I started out with 32 chains instead of 20, which in the end was a huge mistake because there's a huge swell in the middle, but it somehow eventually worked out so that it was exactly 19...which is exactly what the pattern called for.

I do have to go now, though, as it's almost 12:30 and I'm getting really tired. I hope you enjoyed my longer-than-normal post...see you later.


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