Friday, November 6, 2009

Ah, boo. Day 5...meh.

So, I know, it's not technically Day 5 anymore. And so it begins...this may very well be the first of a few missed posts. Just like last year. Coincidentally, going through my attempt at NaBloPoMo from last year was what caused me to miss the fact that the days changed.

Apart from that, though...I'm almost finished with the devil's head. Next up is the tail. I'm looking forward to the accessories, although the head and body fit perfectly in my palms, which I love. My ninja (Shinobi) and my crocheting buddy, Tiny the Beanie Baby chihuahua, are the same way. They fit perfectly. It's like a hug from my palm. XD

I'm going to go to bed or something's after 12:30. I need to be up and ready at 7:00. Bleh.


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