Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy January.

Haha...UM. This blog is turning into more of a monthly thing than a daily or even weekly thing. Wonderful.

Anyway. I wanted to start doing a turtle. I searched
for patterns, but...there were none that looked like what I wanted. Which was this.

So. Right. I wanted to crochet something like that (except with a dark green shell and lime green limbs), but there were no patterns.

Started to freeform the shell. Got the shell done, got stuck deciding how to continue (different colors, how to do the limbs, etc.), then decided to work on the limbs. Got the head done just fine, and made up a pattern for the legs, so I still have two legs and
the tail left to do. But while I was deciding where to go next, I threaded twist ties through the turtle shell where the limbs would this:

(like the ukulele in the background? :D)

Then I made the lime-green limbs and put them under the twist ties so they would stay. Once I get the lower shell done (it'll probably be tan, sort of a camel color), I'll sew that onto the top shell and through the limbs, effectively securing the limbs.

How's your 2010 going?