Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Hat

Besides being an amazing song by Ingrid Michaelson, I am working on a new hat. So far, all my hats have come out weirdly shaped and not even looking like they're supposed to. I've only tried beanies, but they've all come out looking like berets.

I'm hoping this one will be different.

I'm using Caron Simply Soft Brites! in Lemonade, which is a buttery, sunny sort of color. I'm not sure if this yarn is even produced anymore, but I got it from a flea market, so if it isn't, that's why. :D

Pictures may come soon. Hopefully this will turn out better. Cross your fingers.




  1. I love Soft Brites. I think those came out last year. Lemonade is one of my favorites :D

  2. Oh! The label is a little worn-out, so I thought it was older. But yeah, it's pretty. :) I also apparently have Limelight and Berry Blue, according to the way the colors match up. :D