Saturday, August 1, 2009


One thing that bugs me about crocheting: Most people, when they see a person with yarn in public, automatically assume that said person is knitting, when said person is actually crocheting. Obviously, there are some exceptions, but still...they don't even bother to ask "What are you doing?" They just say, "Oh, you're knitting!..." blah blah blah.

Other than that, I have pictures of things I've done (and can find :D ) so far:

That is the head (finished and stuffed) to the bear I'm making for the neighborhood garage sale in September. (Here's the pattern if you want to make it, but make sure you have a Lion Brand account first.)

A random eyeball I made from this pattern. Only put the flash on for that picture because I used navy blue and you can't see it otherwise.

Just a little hackey sack I made and embroidered--just started with 6 ch in a magic loop and increased/singled/decreased as needed.

Okay, looks-wise, this looks nice and beret-ish. Pattern-wise, though...well, it was supposed to look SO much different. This could be partially due to the fact that only at about the 19th round did I realize I was actually slip-stitching instead of singling. Ah well...pattern is here if you want to make it.

Also, does anyone else notice that if you upload pictures, they always go to the top and you have to move them? It's annoying me, so...I don't know. Help if you can? Haha...



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